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South Lounge


Pure football entertainment in VIP packaging

For the entirety of the season, so also during top games, this all-in arrangement will allow you to surprise your guests to five hours of football entertainment in VIP packaging. Your base camp will be the Zuidlounge / South Lounge, where you will be able to enjoy expansive buffets, treats and an open bar before and after the game, and at half-time. The game itself can be seen from within an atmospheric Jan Breydel Stadium, among the Club fans in the South Stands.

South Lounge
South Lounge

This package includes

  1. VIP seating in the South stands during the game
  2. 1 parking pass for every four tickets to the game (nearby the stadium and the South Lounge)
  3. ninety minutes before kick-off: reception with range of drinks and large buffet in the South Lounge
  4. at half time: drinks and treats in the South Lounge
  5. post-game open bar for 90 minutes
  6. at the conclusion of the South Lounge arrangement: access to the VIP hospitality at the Club uit de Duizend Club house.



Single ticketsNon-top game€100 + VAT
Single ticketsTopgame€125 + VAT
Single ticketsPlay-Off games€150 + VAT
PacketRegular competition (Minimum 30, 60% to divide on topgames with a maximum of 6 / game)€100 + VAT pp
PacketPlay-Offs (Minimum 30, need to be divided ecqually for the 5 play off games)€150 + VAT pp



* Prices do not include 12% VAT for the menu and 21% VAT for drinks and South Lounge package.