In addition to football in Fort Jan Breydel, Club is now also pushing the joystick in the direction of eSports. With the 26-year-old Quentin Silini, the blue and black have an ambitious eSporter who defends our colors in the online football game FIFA21. Quentin, better known as QTN_11_, has been competing in the Proximus eProLeague since December 12, together with seventeen other Belgian clubs.

The matches for the ePro League are streamed every Wednesday via Eleven's YouTube channel and on Eleven Sports 1. Follow Quentin's adventure via our eSports channels: Twitter Instagram.

But Club doens't stick to football. Club dives deeper into the online gaming world and now also adds Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) to the eClubBrugge label. In the future, FCB wants to further strengthen its position within esports by expanding the gaming collection.

The first step in this new adventure is participation in the betFirst Elite Series. With this eClub Bruges reaches a community of more than 450,000 CS: GO players in our country and also spoils its own esports fans. In addition, partners also receive extra visibility through the media coverage of Club Media House and the professional and personalized settings.

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