Today Club Brugge filed its annual accounts for the 20/21 season. In a year where, due to the COVID-19 related restrictions for events, fans were not allowed at Jan Breydel - with the exception of 3 limited capacity matches - a consolidated profit (IFRS) of €1.9M was realized. This with full retention of employment. The strong decrease (from €18M to €5.5M) in competition revenues, despite the strong support of our loyal fans, was compensated partly by an increase in media rights revenue (from €36.4M to €43.7M), directly related to the sporting results in the group stage of the Champions League and commercial proceeds from sponsorship contracts (from €13.5M to €15.9M).

The added value in the transfer of player registration rights decreased (from €49.0M to €15.5M) due to a more limited number of outgoing transfers. On the cost side, there was a decrease in purchase costs and other operating costs related to lower costs for competition organization due to the aforementioned limitation of fans in the Jan Breydel Stadium and an extensive cost reduction strategy within the organization. The increase in wages of players and technical staff is linked to the stronger sporting performance.

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