A new name and a new, trendy contemporary branding: the Club Brugge Women were due for a makeover and are now Club YLA. The women, under the guidance of Leo Van der Elst as the coach, thus honour Yvonne Lahousse who's one of the strong women in the history of Brugge.

Who was Yvonne Lahousse? Halfway the sixties the Kop at Jan Breydel evolved from a timid paramecium to a roaring dinosaur. The visitors were blown away by the sound waves that rolled from the crowded stands, the ball was almost literally shouted in the back of the net. Opponents were tackled vocally with playful chants.

Yvonne Lahousse, better known as Vonne from the Kop, played a huge part in the emergence of the Kop at De Klokke. Club Brugge meant everything for her. She watched all the games in the heart of the Kop. "The Mother of the Kop" was so fanatic that she was present for a Club Brugge game one day after giving birth. 

Club extends that passion into its vision on women football for quite a few years now. Club provides a professional support and training. Grassroots, with a strong link to the West Flames: gather girls who can play in a boys team at their own club to compete with other teams on a national and international level. A sustainable model that evoles to girls and women football.

But more than the name, the new look and feel of Club YLA speaks for itself.

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