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Mission Statement


Club Bruges is a warm family club that strives to be the best every day. That's in our DNA. Together we fight for each other until the bitter end, in connectivity and loyalty to our club. Club Bruges is more than football. Blue and Black is a way of life.

Code of Ethics


Starting from the necessity to further build upon who we are as Club Bruges and what we stand for, a 'Code of Ethics' was drafted. In an increasingly global and complex world of football, we want to state our ethical core values as a Club and inspire our day-to-day actions.


This 'Code of Ethics' explicitely endorses the legal frameworks we deal with as a football organisation. Furthermore, we want to go beyond obeying the law. We want to show that we value ethics and that our ethical DNA is the inspiration and touchstone for all we do.


The 'Code of Ethics' relates to everyone that is involved with the Club in any proportion: players, coaches, board members, fans, referees, football agents, volunteers, scouts, parents and family of (youth-)players, partners, sponsors and other employees or those involved.

Download the English version of our Code of Ethics

External counsel


If you have any questions, remarks or if you want to make note of an infringement against our Code of Ethics, you can contact our external counsel, mr. Ignaas Devisch, philosophy, medical philosophy and ethics professor.