The membership is dead. Long live the Club ID. Club ID is your life at the blue and black, your ID as part of the Club family.

Club ID: a tap-in

Buying a season ticket? You can do that with your Club ID. Log into the app? With your Club ID. Buy something in the Club Shop? With your Club ID. A beer or hamburger in the stadium? Yes, with your Club ID. Put money on your Club ID and pay for everything at Club. Being part of the Club family has never been this easy.


Club ID: you find the cheepest beers with us!

As a thank you for your continued support, we will refund you 5% per Club purchase to your Club ID. For example, if you buy a Champions League subscription of 205 euros at Club, we will immediately refund you 10.25 euros. Do you buy a shirt for 85 euros in our shop? 4.25 euros on your Club ID. And so beer is also the cheapest in the stadium! Save money at your favorite Club.

Club ID: your Club contract for life

With your Club ID and Club ID card you are always and everywhere close to the blue and black. Aim for maximum presence in the stadium and keep track of your statistics via your Club ID. In addition, the money on your Club ID will also remain there in the seasons to come.


Your Club ID costs 50 euros, of which we immediately refund 25 euros to your Club ID. The price therefore remains the same as what you spent for the membership! We provide a free Club Kids ID for children up to 12 years old. From 1 July onwards you can purchase tickets with your Club ID via

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