1963-1974: Two Belgian Cup wins and a League TitlePrimary

With the departure of Norberto Höfling, the coach seat at Club Brugge saw many different faces in a relatively short time span.  First there was Schwanner, who was then replaced by Henri Dekens, who in his turn was succeeded by Lucien Masyn - for a short temp job - only to be replaced soon again by Louis Dupal.  It was this Louis Dupal who laid the foundations for the great Club Brugge. He was like a father to the players, and with his team he managed to secure fifth place in 1965-1966, and even the second spot one year later.  At the end of that season, he made way for Norberto Höfling, who then started his second term at De Klokke.

In the meanwhile, it was becoming clear that the quality of the players was also getting better and better. With such outstanding players as Boone, Carteus, Lambert, Thio, Balliu, Marmenout, Savat, Vanderlinden, Simoens, Moelaert, Van den Daele, Hinderyckx, Loske, Bossaer, De Coninck and Deprez better times were ahead.  With this group of players, throughout the years completed with a.o. Kurt Axelsson, Brian Hill, Stefan Reisch, Tom Turesson, Alfons Bastijns, Robby Rensenbrink, Henk Houwaert, Luc Sanders, and many others, Club Brugge found its way to the top of Belgian club football, only to stay there permanently. 

European Cup football reached De Klokke for the first time in the season 1967-1968, in the form of a game against Sporting Lissabon and the boys in blue and black finished second in the home league again.  1968 turned out to be quite successful, as Club also won its first Belgian Cup.  They met Beerschot in the Cup Final, and drew 1-1, but after two series of penalty shootouts, Club managed to clinch the deal. Another Belgian Cup would be added to its trophy cabinet in 1970, when Club, led by coach Frans De Munck, repeated the 1968 achievement and won the cup again.

1973 saw the absolute triumph in the first division, as Club won its second league title under the leadership of coach Leo Canjels. It had taken 53 long years of waiting for the blue and black army to reach the number one spot again.

Some Club Brugge players did so well that they were also selected for Belgium’s Red Devils and soon became household names in the Belgian selection.  Fernand Boone, Johny Thio, Pierre Carteus, Raoul Lambert and Erwin Van den Daele are living proof as they were all regularly capped for the Belgian national team.

Fernand Boone

Fernand Boone was the unquestionable starting goalkeeper of the blue and black Great Old for almost 19 seasons (1953-1972).  At the age of 33, he became the first person from West-Flanders to win the Gouden Schoen/Golden Boot, Belgian football’s most coveted prize, in 1967.   He also holds 12 caps for the national squad.

1963-1974: Two Belgian Cup wins and a League Title
1963-1974: Two Belgian Cup wins and a League Title
1963-1974: Two Belgian Cup wins and a League Title
1963-1974: Two Belgian Cup wins and a League Title

Johny Thio

In 1963, only 17, Johny Thio signed a contract at Club Brugge, coming from FC Roeselare. Before leaving the club in 1975, he won almost everything there is to win and gained a lot of acclaim. Thio made 293 apparitions in first division, played 21 European cup games with Club Brugge, and got selected 24 times for the Belgian national team.

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