Éder Balanta: “We stay focused"

Club already took the lead in the first minute via an amazing goal of Éder Balanta. That goal was sufficient for the victory against Charleroi.


“We knew it would be a tough game but it is important to take the three points home", said the Colombian midfielder. "I was lucky because the ball hit another player but I am happy with my goal and with this victory. Everything went well from the first minute onwards. I am happy with my contribution to the team performance today. We have a lot of attackers that rotate so it is good that the midfielders also score. Our opponents already know our way of playing and every team tries to beat us. However, we stay focused until the end and work hard for the points this season. It is normal we feel tired since we already played a lot of games. We are also just human beings and we also feel our legs sometimes. The field and the weather also played their role today. We work hard for the first place and want to fight until the end."


Éder Balanta
Éder Balanta

Balanta is suspended for the return game at Manchester United. “Everything is possible in soccer. We are optimistic and I hope we will play a good game. I hope to join the group and support them. How it is with my eye? In the beginning I could hardly see something but it is going much better now. I can already train again.” (KN)

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