Saturday 3 March 2018 23:00

Abdoulay Diaby: "Showed that we are still to be reckoned with"

With the opener just after the break, Abdoulay Diaby was instrumental in Club Brugge's well-deserved win over KV Kortrijk.

“We should have decided the game much earlier on, the end of the game was nerve wrecking again. But the most important is that we claim the full loot today. We once again showed we are a force to reckon with. But as it always goes with football, you sometime score all your chances and sometimes you don't. Our opener freed up our team, and helped us along the way. We should try and be more efficient in the next couple of games. We try to score from every chance. Unfortunately we haven't won that many games in the past week. Making sure we do score is a confidence thing, really. We succeeded in holding on to our margin totday, and coming out on top.” (KN)

Abdoulay Diaby
Abdoulay Diaby

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