Sunday 8 May 2022 16:30

Alfred Schreuder: “The team supersedes everything”

Coach Alfred Schreuder was all smiles after the vital win against Union.

“In the end, we got what we wanted, but the game also showed some different aspects," Club's coach started out. "I reckon the game was quite in balance in the first half, with a couple of fine chances from the start. After that, our passing was not accurate enough, and they also had some opportunities. At half time, we indicated where the space was to go for, as there definitely was room for playing football. The start of the second half may have been for Union, but I do believe we took over command after that. A 0-2 at full-time, that's just great." The coach also briefly touched upon the position of Charles De Ketelaere. “Our left wing didn't worry me so much. There was lots of room to be playing football in midfield in order to get in the back of Undav and their skipper to become free, and we should have made more of that, I reckon. Charles played a very disciplined game, but in the second half we moved some pawns to help us play a more offensive game. And in particular by the end of the game as we are physically very strong side.” The coach also reflected upon that spot kick. “A harsh decision. Those who have ever played football can see that he's really looking to get that penalty. It's part of football. But the team supersedes everything, which went to show today. It is not about Charles De Ketelaere or Alfred Schreuder, but about Club Brugge. We just need to do what it takes for what this moment calls for, and that's what you're training for, and that's what you discuss with the staff and with the players. We do realise our substitution potential, and that's what helped us today too.” To finish, Club's T1 also addressed Skov Olsen's playing time. “It's correct that I was talking with Skov Olsen on the sidelines for some time just to make sure he knew that they were pressing on with Nielsen. I told him that he needs to go in the direction of Nielsen wherever he pressed. When Hans has the ball you then know it's going to come”, Blue and Black's coach finishes.

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