Sunday 6 February 2022 16:45

Alfred Schreuder: “Enormous potential should reflect in results”

A first defeat for Alfred Schreuder ever since he took the reigns at Club Brugge. The Dutch coach saw his team start out just fine, but two goals on the break later, De Ketelaere's goal proved too little.

“We started out really well, trying to dominate the game, and creating three or four good chances in the first half. You could see that Gent has a fine outfit too, with lots of danger on the break. Our game was much better than on Wednesday, but still they opened the score. At half time, we made two changes because we wanted more pace. Adamyan has some fine running actions in the back of their defense, so we were hoping to get past Gent that way. In the second half we tried much more, but we didn't up our game. When they scored that 0-2, it was in a 3v3 situation, but we lost that duel twice. That really shouldn't happen. On the other hand, I saw a team that is very eager. You can see, however, that we are still trying to piece together the puzzle. The selection is now complete, and harbours lots of potential. This should result in better figures too, and that's what I'm responsible for. I do reckon we have had made some progress, though. This defeat will come as a blow, but we really did show some good stuff too. We obviously still need to improve, but we expect things to get better week by week. We have the players to do so.”

Alfred Schreuder
Alfred Schreuder

A couple of reshuffles were Schreuder's cards up his sleeve to try and turn around the game. Denis Odoi changed positions a number of times. "We all know Denis is capable of playing in may different positions: as a wingback, as a 6 when the team need's more running power, but also as a central defender or at left back. He has played in those positions before.”

The dying minutes of the game saw two sendings off, with Balanta and Lang seeing a red card. A second yellow for the Columbian after a tackle, but the reason for Lang's expulsion was not entirely clear. “That red card for Lang was preposterous. Noa didn't do anything. He supposedly grabbed hold of the card, but the footage indicates something different. Éder's second was correct, but Noa's red card was just ridiculous.” (SF)

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