Sunday 10 April 2022 21:15

Alfred Schreuder: “Fans were the real winners today”

Club Brugge dominated KV Mechelen from start to finish. The blue and black created a number of chances in the first half and eventually won the game 2-0. Alfred Schreuder was pleased with his team's performance.

"It was an excellent game", the Dutchman said after the final whistle. "We were well-organized, focussed and the players knew what they had to do. There were a couple of moments when everything just fell into place, like with our first goal. The thing is, if you don't score, they will. I remember how Mechelen scored in their game at Antwerp. That was quite something and showed the influence of the coach. As a top team you have to be ready to play against these teams. You need to be defensively strong and take some risks as we played one on one today. I think the fans are the real winners today. You need two teams who want to win if you want a great game and that's what we got today. We ended the regular season with a good game. In the beginning we changed quite a few things. That costed us some points, but now we're taking them."

Alfred Schreuder
Alfred Schreuder

The only bad news of the day is the injury of Denis Odoi, who limped off in the first half. "It's an ankle injury. It didn't look too well, but it's too early now to say something about it."

Noa Lang put in a great shift tonight. "It was a superb performance from Noa. He was unstoppable at times. This is the Noa we want to day. Everyone can enjoy how he plays."

Since the game between Union and Beerschot was stopped, it's not clear yet how many points Club is behind Union at the start of the Champions' Play-offs. "We are behind Union, that we know. But we also know that we're not too far behind. We just need to keep doing our job. I have a lot of confidence in this group. We're growing as a team, everyone can see that. The opponents see it as well. We need to keep our two feet on the ground and work hard every day." (SF)

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