Wednesday 2 February 2022 23:45

Alfred Schreuder: “Fine mentality, dire level of football”

An underhanded win for Club at KAA Gent spurred an honest post-game reaction in coach Schreuder.

“We are primarily happy with this win, even if I don't think our level of play warranted the outcome", Club's coach started out. "Particularly in the first half, Gent was the better team and had the better chances. We were very sloppy in possession, conceding to much ball loss in our own half. This allowed Gent to create some fine opportunities they could not make the most of. That's not our fault obviously, but I reckoned our team played with too much fear. Even in possession we weren't dominant enough, and it was like we didn't want to keep hold of that ball. In my view, we could have made it so much easier on ourselves playing three vs two in the back and with more dominance in midfield. We did not do that, and to boot, our backs played too high upfield on many occasions, making them unavailable. When you can't seem to do that on the right moment, there is no way you can dominate your opponent. All in all I do think we found our way into the game a bit more in the second half. And then you concede that penalty, which they really also just should have scored. But Simon was in fine form today, both on high balls and in that penalty situation, and that's a big boost mentally. And then there was that sending off, which I thought was harsh. But when you have already been booked, you shouldn't be taking any chances in duels. You should realise that ball is in midfield and you should just step back, pick up that ball and play on. That's something we need to get better at. That wasn't good, but I believe my team did better in the second half with lots of will to fight, down to ten. They did an excellent job in that respect, and Gent had far fewer chances (almost none, really). When it comes to a winning mentality and eagerness to survive, my boys did an excellent job, but when it comes to the way we play, this was not the kind of Club Brugge I wish to see. Sure, when it comes to mentality. We are the happy winners today, but I really do feel like Gent did not deserve to lose today”, an honest coach decided. (TM)

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