Sunday 15 May 2022 17:15

Alfred Schreuder: “Proud to be able to be part of this”

For Alfred Schreuder it was the first silverware ever since becoming T1. Even if his calm composure seemed to say differently, the Dutchman was enjoying every single bit of the celebrations.

“I'm trying to remain level-headed, but inside I'm stoked that we managed to make it as a team. I'm saying 'we', because we did it all together: the players, the medical, technical and physical staff and all people around it. I'm very proud to be able to part of this. When I started here, we were behind a lot, first eight points and then twelve, but it's great we have been able to finish off in style. As a coach, there's a certain amount of stress, but there are things in football that are so much harder than playing football. Unfortunately I have had to handle this at the age of 36 myself. But you have to keep having trust on the qualities you have as a human being, and also as a coach. When the quality in your group is adequate, you will be able to offer some confidence too. I had to make some tough decisions at some point too. As a coach you're professional, but you're also human. Benching someone is always annoyting, even if it's for the better of the team. But it's also about commitment towards one another.”

Alfred Schreuder
Alfred Schreuder

Club had all the trouble in the world keeping off Antwerp in the first half, but set things straight in the second half. "Games like these, where you can win the championship, always come with a tremendous deal of stress. Our first half was abysmal; in the back we were just playing bad. But in the second half we put all worries aside, and did a much better job.”

What also helped was another five star performance by Simon Mignolet. “He's had some great play-offs. Simon is a top class player, I could see that from day one. But he's also a top bloke, and a leader in the group. Just like Hans. They have both been instrumental, but there are other players too who have also been crucial to us.”

And so it is that Schreuder will be able to leave Club Brugge with a trophy. “Obviously you feel a lot of pride and happiness, but there's no need for me to start defending myself. I just want to cooperate and be successful. I'm  the type of coach that brings layers together, and tries to help the team any which way he can. That's what we also did at half time: just cast off those shackles, and it helped. So I'm very satisfied with how that worked out.” (SF)

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