Sunday 24 April 2022 16:30

Alfred Schreuder: “Winning in such a great setting, that's what we do it for”

A home win for Club Brugge as it opened the Champions’ play-offs in style. A sturdy Antwerp proved a handful, but in the end Club managed to earn the three points after a fine performance in front of a boisterous crowd, much to the satisfaction of coach Alfred Schreuder.

“A tough but deserved win", the Dutchman started out. "The start was a bit restless, allowing Antwerp the space to counter. The way they played was what we expected, waiting for us to come, but we handled that well. This was a solid performance. Winning 1-0 in such a great setting, that's what we do it all for. It all looked a bit nervous at times, a bit like the Cup Final last week. A bit slow at times, maybe because of the weather, but also because of the tension. We played a very concentrated game, with a solid defensive set-up. We added patience to the mix in the second half. It wasn't top just yet, but our intentions, and the way we manned the pitch, were excellent. We all want to see nice and beautiful football, but that's not always possible. However, I can see that my team is growing, and I'm very happy with the result.”

Alfred Schreuder
Alfred Schreuder

The win adds more power to the widespread belief that Club Brugge can do it again this season. “Each team is a favourite, and they all deserve to be in these play-offs. We just ry to do our work, and want to win each and every game. Whether it's a play-off game, or on Fridays at training, or on Mondays in a game of tennis. We just want to win every single game. You need that kind of mindset. And it's this mentality that I have felt ever since arriving here. My team just oozes it. We always want to win, and I do too. And of course I want to become champions, but so do Union, Anderlecht and Antwerp.”

Some words of praise from Schreuder followed for Buchanan and Lang, who both put in an excellent performance. “From the moment he arrived, Tajon had no trouble adapting to his new surroundings, and he has been playing at a very high level. Originally a right winger, we now positioned him on the left wing back position, and he's done a great job so far. The way he also defends is testament to his mentality. The only thing lacking was a goal, but he managed to reward himself with one today. Noa also put in a great performance. He was a sight for sore eyes, seeking space, dribbling his way past opponents; with his creativity, he can open up games. It's great to see.”

On the bench, Ivory Coast player Abakar Sylla was preferred over Jack Hendry. “Our selection harbours so much talent. Abakar is someone who has seen a great developmet at Club NXT, a very good defender. In this situation, I opt for the team, and for someone who's developing well. It's always something a player who hasn't made the cut needs to deal with, but first and foremost I choose for a player, and not against another.” (SF)

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