Sunday 22 May 2022 21:45

Andreas Skov Olsen: “Go for it again next season”

It took some precision work for Andreas Skov Olsen to open the scoreline today. The Dane has been perking up his stats ever since his move to Club, and earns his first silverware with the Belgian title.

"I'm happy, albeit a bit cross that they managed to equalise. But we're the true champions. This is my first trophy, and the third consecutive league win for the team. And that's quite the feat. It's not only me who contributed to this trophy, it was for the entire team. They welcomed me in style, and we got along just great, both on and off the pitch. The coach has done a terrific job. So for me personally, and for the team, these past six months have been great. Now it's time to get that bit of rest and make sure we're back next season. This will also be my first time in the Champions League, I can hardly wait. Hopefully we can get some fine results there too."

Andreas Skov Olsen netted a few and helped others to goals too in his first few months at Club. "I didn't expect to be playing like that. I came here with much gusto. Things went great, and I'm really happy with that. I asked to get subbed at half time. There are still four national games for me, when I'm capped. So I do need to make sure I stay fit. It was my decision, and the coach's." (KN)

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