Sunday 1 May 2022 21:00

Andreas Skov Olsen: "Vital to get at least one point here"

An industriuos Skov Olsen was instrumental in Club's chances in the first half, but the second half proved much more difficult.

“I didn't feel all that great about this game. This was definitely not our best performance, but it was vital to leave the pitch with at least one point today.”
He also pointed out where the hindrances were today: “We weren't in control enough, played a scrappy game and too defensive. Which is why we didn't create enough chances. We will have to keep working on that, as it will take a better Club against Union.”
The league leaders are what's in store for Club now. “I'm really looking forward to them. That's the type of games you're doing it for. It'll be tough, but it's important to go for it 100%. We should keep in mind that we didn't lose here today, and that should boost our confidence towards the following encounters”, our fiery Dane concluded. (EV)

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