Sunday 22 May 2022 21:45

Antonio Nusa: “Makes me long for more”

A striking name in Club's line-up: young Norwegian talent Nusa manned the pitch, and was clearly stoked with his spot in the Starting XI.

“I'm thrilled to have started here today”, Antonio Nusa spoke afterwards. “Particularly on a day like this. A full house, against Anderlecht. It does make me long for more. Despite the fact that nothing was at stake, it's still a fiery duel. As to me personally, I desperately wanted to show that I merited that selection. Which is why I worked so hard and tried to complete the tasks I was given as much as possible. It as a great learning opportunity, something I will hold dear.”

“Clearly I have learned so much this season. Both at training and in games with the U21. I also get the feeling that everyone at Club has firm belief in me. I'm so looking forward to next season, I really want to take that next step forward. But right now it's time for a holiday. I'll be heading home to my family in Norway to relax a bit. But you rest assured that I'll be ready to gear up towards next season soon.” (FDC)

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