Bart Verhaeghe takes leave of Belgian Football Association

Bart Verhaeghe takes leave of the Belgian Football Association as director and vice president at the end of this month, after joining the board of directors in 2016. He will focus on the more challenging projects at Club Brugge and his professional activities.

For Bart Verhaeghe his strategic role at the Belgian Football Association is concluded. He will now focus on his professional activities and the challenges at Club Brugge.


"As chairman at Club Brugge I face a number of challenges, like the new stadium and further the professionalism at our club. We always aim to be an innovator in Belgian football and that will be one of the things I'll focus on. I have full confidence in the management of the Belgian Football Association and my successor in the board of directors."


In 2013 Bart Verhaeghe joined the executive comittee of the Belgian Football Association as a delegate of the Pro League. Three years later he took up a mandate as director. As vice president he aimed to modernise and professionalise the Belgian Football Association to ready the federation for the European and global challenges in football.


Bart Verhaeghe: "I'm happy with what we have achieved during the past three years. I've had the pleasure to work intensively with federation president Gérard Linard and director Mehdi Bayat. Together we have thoroughly rearranged the Belgian federation top-down. The Belgian Association, who carried a loss of 8 million in 2016, is now financially healthy. This year the Association made 13 million profit."

Bart Verhaeghe is as well proud of the new national football center in Tubeke. Last year the board of directors approved the move of the Belgian Football Association to Tubeke, which will help the Association be more efficient.

CEO Peter Bossaert now holds the keys. "Installing a professional management was one of the priorities of the Association", Bart Verhaeghe clarifies. "Good governance and introducing an ethical code were crucial to make the Belgian Football Association more transparant. We have given Peter Bossaert and his management team the space to run the Association as a modern federation, in service of her members. We have everything we need to make Belgian one of the finest European associations. I wish them all the best."


In conclusion Bart Verhaeghe thanks everyone at the Belgian national teams. The preperation to the WC in Russia and winning the bronze medal are unbelievable moments. "I want to thank Robert Martinez, the staff and the Belgian Red Devils and I wish them all the best for Euro 2020."