Saturday 4 December 2021 22:45

Bas Dost: "A hattrick was possible, yes"

Bas Dost scored twice tonight. However, he could have scored a hattrick but he always found goalkeeper Dietsch on his way.

“I should have scored a hattrick, yes. It started well with that penalty and the very nice action of Noa. Afterwards, I had a couple of possibilities to score a third goal but I think the most important thing is that I am dangerous in front of target. That feels good."

Club had to concede two goals in the first half. "It is difficult to form an opinion about that from my position so I will not talk about that. I can only say I scored twice today but I should have scored more. It was indeed more tough than it should have been tonight. However, we may not forget we already played a number of difficult matches over the past few weeks. We should be happy with the three points. We want to prove ourselves after our last Champions League match and we will go for it on Tuesday."


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