Sunday 2 May 2021 22:15

Bas Dost: "We should have killed the game earlier"

Bas Dost proved once again his value for Club Brugge by scoring the equaliser in the last minute. Deep into stoppage time the Dutchman was just a second too late to stab home the winner.

"Our first half wasn't good. I don't know, maybe we were a bit nervous. We couldn't keep the ball in our possession long enough. At half-time, we made some changes to correct that. We started the second half a lot better and created a couple of chances. But then they get a chance and immediately get the equaliser. In the end we did good to fight back and get a point. But we let them get back into the game again and that shouldn't have happened. We should have killed the game earlier. Everyone expects us to just dominate each team every time, but that's not how it works obviously."

Bas Dost
Bas Dost

Before the game the attacker got acquainted with the fans for a first time, when the team bus was welcomed by bengal fire. "I didn't see too many fans because of the heavy smoke. But I can only imagine there were a lot of them. I understand very well why they wanted to give us that extra boost. Too bad we couldn't give them all three points today."


For Dost it's his first time playing in the Play-Offs and he has some thoughts about the principle of halving the points. "If you're sixteen points ahead, you are almost always certain of being the new champion but not here. For the neutral fan it was probably an interesting game to watch. But in the Netherlands they don't understand anything about this system. (EV)

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