Bjorn Engels & Ricardo van Rhijn teach!

Concerning Playing for Success, Club players Bjorn Engels and Ricardo Van Rhijn visit the children that participate at the Foundation project Playing for Success.


Playing for Success is a project of the Club Brugge Foundation were children with a learning disability or motivation problems are helped via soccer to find their confidence and motivation back.

18 children from schools in Brugge are taught every Wednesday afternoon from September to December in the Jan Breydelstadium. The courses are educative and joyful and are taught by future teachers from Howest Brugge.


It feels good to see how the children work hard during our presence. School is very important for young people and we try to stimulate that as much as possible in a friendly way!

Ricardo Van Rhijn & Bjorn Engels


The courses are taught in a soccer-oriented way. For the mathematics course they go on the field to calculate the size of&nbsp;the circle, for the geography course, they study the origin of the players. Today the Dutch course was on the program. The students organized a press conference for the players as real journalists. Bjorn Engels &amp; Ricardo Van Rhijn passed by to answer their questions live.<br type="_moz" />
The knowledge of the players was tested in&nbsp;a quiz after the interview. The &#39;FC De Kampioenen team&#39; under the guidance of captain Bjorn&nbsp;faced &#39;De blauw-zwart kenners&#39;&nbsp;under the guidance of&nbsp;Ricardo Van Rhijn.&nbsp;</p>
The afternoon ended with a chair dance where everyone could party.<br />
<br />

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