Saturday 29 October 2022 23:45

Bjorn Meijer: “It is nice to have a player like Hans in the team"

Bjorn Meijer started again from kickoff in the derby against KV Ostend. The Dutch defender was impressed by Boyata's response after his mistake. The Blues won 4-2 at the end.

“The beginning of the match was tough for us. We did not find the openings. It is nice to have a player like Hans in the team then. He always finds the openings. We created troubles for ourselves but at the end we keep the three points home. That is what matters. There seems to be a bit of a curse on penalty kicks. What is the reason for that? Everyone knows our qualities. I cannot explain it. It went wrong three times now and it also went wrong in the beginning of the season. We have to recover from this and leave this behind us. We have the three points and have to look ahead to Tuesday's match now. Everyone wants to play, otherwise you are not on the right place in the soccer world. Hence, I hope to play again in Leverkusen."


Bjorn Meijer
Bjorn Meijer

Dedryck Boyata responded well after his mistake. "He is also aware of his mistake and it is nice to see how he responded afterwards. He has enough experience but it is never fun to play a role in a goal of the opponent. We don't have to explain anything to him. We conceded six goals in the last two matches. However, we conceded few goals in the matches before. I don't think we have a defensive problem. We already proved we can keep a clean sheet." (KN)

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