Thursday 16 May 2019 23:45

Brandon Mechele: “This one will linger”

Standard had all the trouble in the world getting past Club's defense, but nevertheless the game ended at 2-0. A disappointed Mechele describes how that came about.

“It's not as if today determined the title race. We lost too many points in the regular season, and unfortunately the same happened here today. It was clear, that with their positioning Standard was aiming for the break, but after that red card they fell down even further. Apart from some textbook situation, they really didn't create all that much danger. But we didn't do enough with our chances ourselves, and missed a bit of creativity to break the deadlock. this disappointment will leave a mark, I think. Even if I won't make it for the last game of the season (he is suspended against Antwerp, edit), we have to make sure we end our season on a happy note for them.” (KV)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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