Brandon Mechele: “Gap cannot get any wider”

A lacklustre Brandon Mechele left the pitch. The dismal defeat against Charleroi left Blauw-Zwart trailing ten points with the leaders.


“It could have gone differently today. They had one chance, a textbook situation, and it went in. We weren't good either, but we were unable to make the most of the chances we had. That's where we were a bit unlucky. Our game was too slow today, and the pitch was rough too. But that's no excuse, it just wasn't enough from our side. It's a pity to be dropping the points at home. We had a good training week, and a fine last week here in Belgium. Things went fine at training. So I don't see how we can take on this game like this. We're not looking at the gap with the number one. We just need to look at ourselves. If last season can count as an indicator, it's clear that things can change quickly in the play-offs, but we should keep the gap from growing any further. We now get the chance to stand up against Ostend. We now only need to focus on our next game. We've already shown that we can do it. This group should be going for that top spot. When you can do it in the Champions League, you should also be able to bring it to the home league, simple as that. When it comes to talent and experience, there shouldn't be any problems.” (KN)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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