Brandon Mechele: “Just didn't happen today”

Brandon Mechele had quite the handful with Harbaoui and co. Club Brugge's international was powerless as he saw Club go down 1-3 at Jan Breydel.


“This is highly unexpected. We had a great week at training, we were all focused during warm-up. We started out fine, but suffered a goal through a penalty kick. We didn't lower our spirits and kept going for it. Just before half-time their second followed, which made it even harder. That goal changed the game. We needed to lift the pace in the second half and try and score that goal to bring doubt to ZulteWaregem. But we couldn't get to that pace, and had trouble finding the free man. It just didn't go our way today, just look at that deflection for their third goal. You expect to be winning this game, but you shouldn't be taking it on all too relaxed. You always have to go 100%, and that didn't work out today.”

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

On Wednesday, the Champions League awaits once more for Blauw-Zwart. “Dortmund will be a different game entirely. I hope we will be seeing the real Club then. It's a fine chance to set this straight. Other teams might take advantage in the league now. You had an entire second round to go for that first place, and then you drop points on the very first match day. We did what we could, but it just didn't happen. We now need to get back to our usual game. Creat enough tempo, play with intensity and fervour, ... Things will work out well if we do. We miss to many players who can break it open with an actino, but that shouldn't come as an excuse. There are plenty of alternatives.” (KN)

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