Saturday 24 October 2020 23:45

Brandon Mechele : “No doubts for upcoming fixtures”

Club's defense was hardly to blame for the 2-1 defeat, having played far from a bad game. Still, disappointment reigned, and as much so in Brandon Mechele. Club's central defender reckoned Club should always have won this encounter.

“Obviously our intentions were to grab the three points here", the central pawn in Club's defense started out. "But things just didn't go our way. We had enough opportunities to claim the points, but unfortunately we failed. Just look at the chances Noa had. With a bit of luck he nets two or three today, but now it was close every time, and the 1-1 stayed on the board. Noa's a technical player with swift little feet creating depth for our team, which helps us as we now have a different type of player up front. That allows our coach to rotate a bit more.”

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

As to the two penalty cases, the defender was clear. "Two very light contacts. It all happens so fast that the ref has to decide in a fraction of a second. Was there contact, or not? Inside the box, there's almost always contact, but nonetheless it's a pity they get awarded. We're all frustrated now, clearly, with this defeat, but it won't sprout any doubts in our minds as to our following fixtures.” (FDC)

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