Brandon Mechele: “Now claim those points at home”

The VAR's decision to cancel out Club's equaliser, where the decision was about centimeters, hit Brandon Mechele hard.


“It is like we are in a game of Fifa. That situation was so close, you could hardly see whether or not it was off side. Main ref Vertenten also hadn't seen it. When a decision like that works in your disadvantage, you can only be disaapointed. Very frustrating indeed.”

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

No Club goals in two consecutive games. It also struck Mechele. But he wouldn't hear of a goal scoring problem: “It's not that we don't get chances, we also did in Gent, but we just need to be more efficient. We failed to do so twice now. There's no need to panic because we haven't scored in two games, we usually score 3-4 times, and you hear no complaints then.”

Despite two defeats on a spin, Club is still confident it will overturn the situation, seeing the level of play as the perfect gradient: “We are disappointed because we deserved better in these two games, but we are not bowing down. We now have two home fixtures, and we need to claim the full loot in those two encounters.” (JDN)

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