Thursday 23 December 2021 23:45

Brandon Mechele: “Our goal: the Cup and the League win”

Brandon Mechele joined Hendry in defense in thwarting Leuven's attacks. Club scored four, and made it to the Belgian Cup Semis, where it will be meeting with AA Gent.

“Yes, we confirmed our role as favourites. Also keeping in mind last week's game where we beat them 1-4. Club is favourites in every game, really. We proved dominant from the start, but had to look out for those counters. The only difference is that they fell back more than in last week's game. We were in possession a lot, creating many chances. When all of our minds are on attacking, we need to be cautious in the back, as they might come through. We were positioned well, but it's a pity we couldn't hold on to that clean sheet today. But we did score four, so no problem there. It felt great to be heading for the dressing room with a two goal margin, we failed to do so in the past, scoring only one. It's a completely different tack in the second half, and it brought calm to the team.”

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

At the moment of the interview, Brandon Mechele didn't know Club Brugge had drawn AA Gent in the Semis, but the defender revealed no preference as to the next round's opponents. “No favourties, really. We already had two tough teams with Genk and Leuven. It doesn't make any difference really; when you beat everyone, you deserve to win the Cup. Our goal is both the Cup and the league, we really want to go for that Double. Let's hope we can do it. It would be neat to be meeting with Anderlecht in the Finals, even moe so for the fans. Preferably in the stands, as I don't want to play any more finals without fans.”

Next up is th City derby. “It would have been in front of a smaller crowd anyway as it's an away game, but it's still a pity, and we need to abide the rules. Let's hope we can shake this all off in following the rules and welcome the fans soon again.” (KN)

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