Thursday 27 January 2022 23:45

Brandon Mechele: “Their running lines are great”

With Jack Hendry out on suspension, Matej Mitrović paired up with Brandon Mechele in the heart of defence, with the temptuous task of keeping Vanzeir-Undav out of the game.

“Union is a formidable opponent, with a low block, going for the break, and with great running lines. We did put in a fabulous performance in defense, though. We had a rough run in the first half, but we hardly gave anything away in the second half. With Balanta creating more balance in midfield. We just needed to remain patient and try to create opportunities. The draw is a chance we now missed out on, but considering the run of the game today, it's just a fair result. Too bad, but more games will follow.” (SF)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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