Saturday 3 March 2018 23:00

Brandon Mechele: “Travel to STVV in confidence”

Straight after the opener, Brandon Mechele brought down a visitor, resulting in a penalty kick and allowing Kortrijk to draw level. Fortunately a Limbombe goal with ten minutes to go decided the game in Club's favour.

“What happened at the end of the game? They claimed a spot kick. Chevalier shot from close range and hit Denswil. It was from very close range, but I don't think it hit his arm. As to my own foul: it was a correct decision, but I just heard that the player was off-side just before that. But oh well, we created so many chances today, proved so dangerous. We pulled the sting out of their counter attacks, keeping them from creating many chances. Apart from that last situation, and the penalty kick, they hardly showed anything. A tight win, that's for sure, and we could have conceded the equaliser by the very end. Scoring more would definitely boost our confidence, but we managed to come out on top today. And that will boost our confidence as we make our way to STVV on Sunday.” (KN)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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