Brandon Mechele: “We were ready from the start"

Club's defense, with Brandon Mechele, kept a clean sheet, and helped the team to a boost with the clash at Genk in full view.


“It was a fine game, with good focus from the start. We could have scored more even. We had plenty of chances, and hardly gave anything away. We were sharp, and it's great to be on the winning side again. We're happy, things are as they should be. It doesn't matter who's the keeper manning goal, he just needs to do his job. That's what you can expect of a goalkeeper, and we kept a clean sheet today. Now it's off to our next game, at KRC Genk. I'm sure that will be a tough away game. But if we play like we did today, it should work out just fine. It'll be an important game, but there's still so many games to be played this season. We'll be taking on a formidable opponent, but first let's see how they will do at Antwerp. Who knows we might be playing for that top spot again. We now need to enjoy this and aim our focus on next Saturday.“ (KN)

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

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