Saturday 17 July 2021 23:30

Brandon Mechele: "The fans were incredible"

Due to the absence of Vormer and Vanaken, Brandon Mechele wore the captains' armband. The defender was the lock on the door, preventing Genk to carve out a lot of chances. Club's two-goal cushion early in the second half was enough to lift the Supercup for the 16th time in the history of the club.

"The first official match of the season and we can add another trophy", Brandon Mechele smiles after the game. "The fans were incredible. It feels like something completely new to us, they gave us so much more energy. It's only now that we realise how much we've missed them last year. Despite our good resultes last season, we actually missed them. This was a great evening. We try to put a lot of energy into this game and then we have the crowd to back us up. And it wasn't even a full house tonight. They pushed us forward which gave us something extra - that's just great. And this trophy looks good on my honours list."

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

The defender had something to say about the tactical system. "We play with a square in midfield now. We had to adjust to that system, but we practice a number of tactical variations wich allows us to be flexible during a game. There's enough quality in our team, everyone knows what they need to do." (KN/TM)

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