Thursday 28 January 2021 21:15

Brandon Mechele: "Fantastic assist by Kossounou"

Birthday boy Brandon Mechele made sure the game was tied at half time, scoring his second in two games.

“Maybe I should consider that top scoring position", Brandon chuckled after the game. "We had trouble at first though. I had had a slight chance just before scoring, but then Kossounou produced that fabulous assist. It was a key goal, the equaliser just before half-time. That's when we really took off. We started playing better, positioned ourselves higher up the pitch, and recovered the ball with more efficiency. They no longer broke out. I really hope we are truly off now, we're in fine form. We need to keep working hard like this. And when the going gets tough, we just need to fight for the win.”

Brandon Mechele
Brandon Mechele

Club had trouble getting in the right rhythm at first. "Our pace was too low, it all went too slow, and there was hardly any depth. And we also lost a lot of duels. Those are key things when you want to apply high pressure. That was what was lacking in the first half an hour. Just the opposite of what happened in our game against Genk. We stared out brilliantly then, but now we didn't. But its not as if we can't do it when it's tough, we just need to keep fighting for it. We do need to learn to keep going after that 1-2 and really kill the game.” (KN)

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