Friday 6 August 2021 21:30

Brandon Mechele: "No explanation for this"

Club lost two points at the end in the derby against city rival Cercle. The Blues now have five points. Central defender Brandon Mechele was disappointed.

"Our season start was also not that good last year but you think such scenario will not repeat itself. There is no explanation for this. It is not funny." Cercle scored two minutes before the final whistle. "Mitro defended well and the player was lucky. He still possessed the ball and scored a wonderful goal."



He further analysed the match. "You know one possibility might be enough for them. Things can be tricky. We controlled the match and they hardly created possibilities to score. I think they only had one. We defended well but we were unfortunate at the end. It is hard to lose points like this. We also created some good chances but we need to be more efficient to avoid situations like this." (EV)

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