Saturday 8 October 2022 23:30

Carl Hoefkens: “Enough possibilities to win this match"

Coach Hoefkens was of course very disappointed after the defeat against Weserlo but made a down-to-earth analysis.

“First of all, I want to congratulate Westerlo", started the coach. "They had a good game plan and take the three points home. I think we started strongly and defnitely created enough chances to win this match. Unfortunately, we were not efficient enough but Westerlo were. They scored twice and the match is over before you actually realize it. At some points during the match, we especially had troubles with our 'offensive marking'. I think we did not keep the ball long enough in our team. With all due to respect to Westerlo and kudos to them but we clearly could have won this match. We sometimes brought quality on the pitch and defended well in the first half. However, they scored too easily in the second half. Our mentality was good but we conceded goals too easily."

The coach did not want to talk about individual performances. "Indeed, I won't talk about the individual aspect but I think our team performance was good enough to win this match. Unfortunately, we did not do so which is more than pity. This has nothing to do with the matches against Atletico. This defeat also has no impact on our confidence towards Wednesday. The Belgian First Division and the Champions League have nothing in common. We will now travel to Atletico with the objective to win there. Perhaps this defeat was driven by a lack of automaticity. The little details made the difference today and had to be perfect. Maybe we were not sharp enough on that aspect", ended coach Carl Hoefkens.


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