Sunday 17 July 2022 21:15

Carl Hoefkens: “We're still far from where we want to be"

Carl Hoefkens made his debut as head coach with a 1-0 victory against Gent, meaning Club Brugge won the Supercup for the 17th time.

"It's a great feeling to make your debut with a prize. But this Supercup is actually still part of the preparation, but it is a next step. We are currently still far from where we want to be, but the fact that you win a prize brings something extra. During the first 30 to 35 minutes, we were really in the game. We could do the things we wanted, but then we played too sloppy and not aggressive enough when Gent had the ball. In the second half, it became more difficult, but all the things we had discussed beforehand were executed well. Gent always makes things difficult for us, so this victory makes me happy. Now it's about finding a basis on which we can start working."

Carl Hoefkens
Carl Hoefkens

Buchanan was forced to retire in extremis before the game and Otasowie and Meijer were also injured during the match. "For some players we are only in week two of the preparation. Such high-level matches in such conditions are a risk anyway. Some of them had to play 90 minutes when they weren't really ready for it. Mentally they are, but not yet physically. Buchanan felt something in the warm-up, so we didn't want to take any risks."

Just before the start of the Supercup, it was announced that Club Brugge had reached an agreement in principle with Union for the transfer of Casper Nielsen. "I am concentrating one hundred percent on the match itself and am only concerned with the players who are there. But of course I am very happy with the arrival of Nielsen. The greater the competition, the sharper we get everyone and the higher the level at training. That way we can also make sure everyone is ready to replace someone else. As for Charles, we can't say anything wrong about his mentality. He played a good game against Utrecht on Wednesday, but we had to make a decision today. Ferran is new at the club and did very well in the preparation. He did very well today as well. Charles was also ready to play, but as Meijer was out, I had to bring in Sowah. It's a pity for the supporters, who would have liked to see Charles at work." (SF)

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