Sunday 31 July 2022 19:00

Carl Hoefkens: "Looking for those foundations to win the first games"

A tough afternoon at the Am Kehrweg Stadium for Club, suffering a defeat at the hands of Eupen on Match Day 2.

"This has been a really tough game", Club's coach started out. "We conceded in the very first minute, reacted slightly and scored that equaliser. You would think things would be going better after that, but unfortunately they didn't. Our agression both in possession and in ball loss just wasn't up to par today. We are looking for the right foundations to help us win those first games. We manaaged to beat Genk amongst others on the basis of mentality and quality, which we also did against Gent in the Supercup. Today, however, those foundations were lacking, but I won't use it as an excuse for today's events."

No need to start panicking either. "Concern might not be the correct word, but I do realise we have some things we need to work calling our focus in the coming weeks. But that's not everything. There are a number of things we need to be better at, and that's what we will also be working on. I can see it in games at times, but not enough to my liking."

This time it was Stanley Nsoki who seemed to be having a rough spell, but the coach took up his defense. "We all have the right to make mistakes, and so does Stanley. As a coach, I want everyone to learn from their mistakes, but most importantly I want the players to leave those mistakes behind. That is why we will be looking into how our players react to their mistakes. What I want to see now is that drive to want to grow every day."

Another player in the spotlights of Carl Hoefkens was Casper Nielsen. "I'm happy with how Casper played. It's completely normal he is still feeling his way around the team. He's very eager to pick up on things, and he has this great drive to make Club Brugge even better. At times I already saw that today, and I'm fully convinced Casper and the entire team will rise in the coming weeks."

"What interested me the most was the players' reaction after the game. The way they realised today's performance was sub-par is a positive reaction. It shows that they fully realise what went wrong today, and that we know in which departments we can still make headway", coach Hoefkens concluded.

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