Sunday 21 May 2023 16:45

Casper Nielsen: “Feels great to help out in this win”

That's what you call coming on in style! After a spell filled with injury woes, Casper Nielsen made his return, helping Club to a well-deserved win over Antwerp with two fine goals.

"My goal was to grab some playing time and be part of the group again. It has been a tough five weeks, and it took some hard work to be back after the first real injury of my career. An additional win for me too. It's great to be helping out the team towards this win. After that game at Antwerp, where every chance they had went in, it was just deadly for us. The fans were fabulous today, from the moment we arrived at the stadium, it just gave us that extra something. The first half was a closed affair, but the second half saw more open chances.”

A hapless Casper Nielsen had trouble comig to terms with the zero points Club was awarded in the first three play-off games. “After all of the hard work we put in the past couple of weeks, even with nothing at stake, we have finally been awarded. We were going through a rough time without winning any points. This victory feels great. I know just how much work I and the other players put into it. It's a great feeling, and it gives you the motivation to go on. I'm not thinking about the opponents in the following weeks. . It's true that Union will always be something special. But once I'm on the pitch, I'm not thinking about that and I just want to win.” (KN)

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