Wednesday 26 October 2022 21:30

Casper Nielsen: “It could have been better if we would have scored that penalty"

Casper Nielsen recognized that Club missed the opportunity to turn the match around when both Vanaken and Lang missed a penalty kick. Porto gained confidence again which resulted in the first defeat of Club in the Champions League this year.

"What was the difference? They scored four goals and we scored none. We had a good chance when we got that penalty kick. I think we could have turned the situation around if we would have scored that penalty. But we missed which had a mental impact on us. They then scored a second goal which made it more difficult for us. They took advantage of small errors at our side. We could have turned the match around if we would have scored that penalty. It was tougher for them in the second half because we played better then. You can see the difference in top matches like these. If you miss your chances, you don't win. We were not surprised because of their way of playing. We talked about that in advance. They had to win here today. We did not expect they would put high pressure but they gave a lot of long balls. We had troubles with that. It was too easy for them to create chances. I had a good feeling and thought we could still grab our moments. They started playing on the counterattack then. I can tell it ten times: things could have been different if we would have scored that penalty kick."


Casper Nielsen
Casper Nielsen

Club now have to assure the group win in Leverkusen. "We try to win every match. It will be important to take points home when travelling to Leverkusen. It is how it is. We lost one match now and have to look ahead. A new match at Ostend has place this weekend. This is the Champions League: if you are not one hundred percent focused, you get punished." (KN)

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