Charles De Ketelaere: “Come at Lazio with all we've got”

Just before the half hour mark, Charles De Ketelaere opened the score against Zenit. The Bruges youngster paved the way for what was going to be a fine 3-0 CL win for Club Brugge. Still in defense last weekend, Charles now again proved a handful as deep forward.


“Surprised about my position today? I was happy I was in attack again", Charles De Ketelaere indicated after the game. “It's where I like playing the most. That first goal ended up in my feet, and I tapped it in neatly. An important goal too, I was really happy to have scored. I now need to start scoring against the other teams too, starting next week. The last group game against Lazio is scheduled then. We need to take on the trip to Rome in full confidence. We had our chances to win at home against them. We will be going at them with everything we've got.”

Charles De Ketelaere
Charles De Ketelaere

The win is Club's first home Champions League win since 2005. In those days, De Ketelaere was a mere 4 years old as he cheered on his team in front of the telly. "I read this afternoon that it had been such a long time since that last home win, but it's not something that's playing in my mind, really. It's great to be winning, and to be able to contribute, but it's even better with fans. Whether I'm now Club Brugge's nr 9? It's not something I think about too much. I want to play as many games as I can, it doesn't matter in which position it is." (KN/JDN)

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