Sunday 19 December 2021 16:30

Charles De Ketelaere: “Pity we lost out on two points”

Opening the score for Club, Charles De Ketelaere tapped in a superb through-ball by Noa Lang. After that, Blue and Black took matters in hand, but had to settle for a 2-2 draw in the end.

“If we would have scored that 2-0 in the second half, we will always win this one, I reckon. But now the score remained at  1-0 and things remained tight after that. 2-2 is a fine result having trailed, but more was in it today. I hoped for mor too, as we had two more great chances after the break. After that we lost control of the game, control we did have in that better first half, and that's a pity. We are not looking at the other teams, we are now in a faste in the league where we just have to grab the points. It's a pity we lost out on two today.” (KN)

Charles De Ketelaere
Charles De Ketelaere

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