Wednesday 2 February 2022 23:30

Charles De Ketelaere: "Every win comes with a mental win too"

Worn out, an incandescent De Ketelaere gave us his view on how he scored that deciding goal.

"I saw how that ball came to me, and realised there was no room for doubt", De Ketelaere started out. "I had a go at it an it went in nicely."
Club's match winner saw how Gent had the better chances, but after some tweaks and twists at half time, Club managed to hold on after the break.
"In all fairness, this should always have been a Gent victory (smiles). But I'm happy nonetheless, as we went through a tight spot with this 0-1 win. Particularly with that return game in mind. 1-0 away at Gent is always a good result, particularly keepin gin mind the many chances and that spot kick they had. Our coach reshuffled a couple of things after the first half, as he wasn't happy with how things were going. In that second half, we hardly gave anything away, apart from that penalty kick. After our goal and that sending off, we had a hard time, though."

The win clearly has its sportive and its mental merits, but De Ketelaere wouldn't hear of qualifying just yet.
"With each win comes a mental win too, so this is no different. Just like any other game I want to win that cup too, but it's definitely not over just yet", Club's young talent concluded. (BD)

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