Thursday 29 August 2019 00:30

Clinton Mata: “As a boy I dreamt of Real Madrid”

Another five star performance at right back for Clinton Mata, rushing along the wing and halting every LASK move. Club's Angolese Belgian was thrilled with the progress to the Champions League group stages.

“As expected this was a real man's game. Our objective was simple, really: try and win the game, but we knew that wouldn't come without a struggle. It just goes to show just how important that away goal can be; the longer the score remains at 0-0, the more time is on your side. After that unfortunate penalty kick and the equaliser that followed, we never panicked. Things weren't as they should be for a couple of minutes, but there was no panick whatsoever. We maintained our self-belief. It was a bit of a silly equaliser, but when Linz was down to ten a bit later, we took the reigns of the game in hand again.“

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

In reaching the group stages, Club Brugge wrote history, a feat no one thought the team was capable of prior to the season. “That's right”, Mata says. “No one realised this could happen, but after we ousted Kiev in the earlier round, it started to dawn on us, and just look where we are now. I for one reckon it's fabulous that we can live these moments and that we will be able to follow the CL draw tomorrow evening as one of the participating teams. Bring on Real Madrid: I've been dreaming about them ever since I was a little boy.” (FDC)

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