Clinton Mata: “Had it all in our own hands to make this a win”

Facing the team whose colours he had worn for a number of seasons, Clinton Mata was unable to keep Blauw-Zwart from going belly-up at Charleroi.


“No explanations for this. We cannot blame it on fatigue, we are all professionals, so we should be able to cope with two games a week. We came here brimming with confidence, and we had it all in our own hands to make it a win here. You knew this type of game is always a tough one, against a team that knows us so well. At half time, the coach aksed us to up the pace, but that didn't work out. This was what you would call a defeat that could have been avoided. We dominated most of the game, but didn't win. That's football. Special tingling as we drove up here? Absolutely, I have had a great time here.” (SF)

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

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