Saturday 30 November 2019 21:30

Clinton Mata: “Jelle is an example”

The performance of the Club defence was again solid which resulted in a 1-0 victory. It was a tough evening for Clinton Mata since his direct opponent Olinga played a strong match. However, Mata was focused and won almost every duel.

"The coach asked us to go for it", said Mata. "With a bit more luck it could already have been 1-0 after twenty seconds. It is always a bit difficult to find your way again in the regular league after a European game but I think we were focused the whole match this evening. We got a couple of chances after our first goal but luck was not at our side. Therefore, we had to stay focused until the end. We did not get a lot of space but Moeskroen almost had any possibility to score. However, we had to be careful since we were only leading 1-0."


Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

A lot of enthusiasm in the stadium when Jelle Vossen came in as a substitute. "That was awesome", said the defender. "I have a lot of respect for Jelle. It were his first minutes since the end of August and you could clearly see he was emotional. I can fully understand the reaction of our fans. What did he prove in his entire career and as a Club player? He worked very hard from the pre-season onwards just like any other player but he almost didn't play. I can only congratulate him on how he dealt with that difficult situation for months. He is a real example and I hope he still gets many chances just like today.” (FDC)

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