Clinton Mata: “Kept fighting till the end”

A win for Club against Waasland-Beveren, but it took time, effort and a lot of courage. Clinton Mata admitted Club acted below its usual level.


“I do believe we should all take a look in the mirror tonight. Tonight's performance just wasn't good enough. In all honesty, it wasn't worthy of Club. Our opponents had only one thing on their minds, and that was to claim that one point, which is fair play, really. And they almost succeeded too. Fortunately for us, Mats (Rits, edit) managed to maket the game go our way well into injury time. The difference between one point and three points is huge at this stage of the league. We showed the rigth mentality to keep working until the end, but for the remainder it was just too little.”

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

As to how and why Club was unable to force things against this Waasland-Beveren, Mata was unable to give a clear-cut answer. “No, I do not know how it all came this way. We had trouble creating chances, so you should be happy not to lose out on any points in games like this. And yes, they were luring on the break, but when before today we had our fair share of chances, today was different. We should free up our minds and try and bring something different to the table on Thursday as we take on Manchester United. We know we are capable of great things, we just have to show it.” (FDC)

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