Sunday 25 July 2021 18:45

Clinton Mata: “Unfortunate finishing”

Clinton Mata and Eupen winger N'Dri often came eye-to-eye, but this didn't keep Club's right back from causing pain to Eupen with his rushes. An intense game ended in a 2-2 draw as De Ketelaere leveled the score well into stoppage time.

“We are disappointed", Clinton Mata said after the game. "We want to start the league well, but unfortunately they kept us at bay. They played as well as they could here, that's just how football works. But their way of playing helped them to a point. We conceded a goal after having scored ourselves, and were unfortunate in our finishing too. We had a number of chances, and really should have decided the game earlier on.” (KN)

Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

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