Friday 12 March 2021 23:45

Clinton Mata: “We forgot to finish it"

Clinton Mata was crowned Man of the Match but the right back would have preferred to take the three points home. Charleroi scored at the end via Nicholson.

“I would have preferred to take the three points home today instead of being crowned 'Man of the Match'", said Mata. "Our analysis is simple: we lost two points today. We could have achieved a nice result here and played well but we don't finish it. In this way, we lose two points. Charleroi played better in the second half. We did what we could but we lost some duels. This is the first time this happens since the start of the Championship. We have to learn from this. Conceding a goal at the end is disappointing.” (KN)


Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

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