Clinton Mata: “We showed character”

Clinton Mata played a strong game and contributed to a solid performance of the defence of the Blues. A quick opening goal of Balanta decided the game against Sporting Charleroi.


“This is the power of this Club Brugge. We are there immediately when the opponent loses the ball. Charleroi had to come after our opening goal which gave us extra space. Whether the goal should have been neutralized? If you have to blow the whistle each time something like that happens you will hardly play. It is still soccer. It was a good team performance today. It is normal that some players are tired, especially after a heavy midweek game against a big team like Manchester United. We showed character and played dominantly. Charleroi played a stronger second half but they didn't create a lot of chances. Details like a free kick, a corner etc. can be decisive then. We are almost at the end of the marathon, there are only three tough matches left. Winning is the most important thing now."


Clinton Mata
Clinton Mata

The return game at Old Trafford has place on Sunday. "Everything is still possible in my opinion. I give us 30% chance. They have a small advantage since they scored here but we will play our normal type of soccer and then we will see how things work out. We played on the same level as them last Thursday and are not afraid, that's our strength. You don't face these type of teams every year. We were lucky with the drawing and have to play the way we always do. It are also just human beings. As compared to the Belgian regular league, only the speed is different." (KN)

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